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How will the jury see my application?

The jury will look at your applications using a web-based reviewing system. This means they will see each image individually at its full size (not as the small preview you see when you submit your application). Images will be viewed in the order you submit them (i.e., Image 1 will be first, Image 10 will be last). Title, media, and other information you submit with the images will be displayed with each image, and the jury will be able to view your resume and artist statement as well. For this reason, we ask that you please do not include your name on anything except the contact info section of the application, as the process is randomized and anonymous.

Example of what jurors see full screen:

Are the jurors' monitors calibrated?

No. It is possible that your color settings will differ very slightly from each juror's settings, but it will not make any appreciable difference to the jury's review of your work.