Please read carefully. Applicants who do not meet all of the following criteria and expectations will not be considered and should not apply.

  1. Artists who have an ongoing commitment to working in the arts, rather than engaging in art as a hobby, pastime or occasional pursuit; and who have already completed their training, if they have decided to pursue formal training at all;
  2. Artists who at the time of application have generated, completed and publicly presented/exhibited/published work in the discipline in which support is requested;
  3. Artists whose primary goal is to generate new works, as opposed to remounting or re-interpreting existing works;
  4. Artists who engage in exploring and challenging conventional artistic forms;
  5. Artists who are in the early stages of their careers;
  6. Artists who have a focused direction and goals, even while still developing their artistic "voice";
  7. Artists who have yet to be substantially celebrated within their field, the media, funding circles or the public at large;
  8. Artists who are legal residents of the state of Minnesota and have been residents for a least a year prior to the submission of an application. (Determined by voting and/or payment of taxes in the state. Applicant must also have a street mailing address within Minnesota to be eligible to apply.)
  9. Artists work must fall within current visual art practice. Artists considered for this Fellowship may work in a variety of visual art media, including both traditional and new media. The Fellowship is not intended for commercial artists, musicians, theatre artists, or others whose work is generally not presented in a visual art context.
  10. Artists must reside in the state until the end of the 12-month Fellowship period.
  11. Artists must be able to provide evidence that they are an early career artist. Your resume will demonstrate limited, but promising, exhibition exposure and no more than a few grants or fellowships in direct support of your work.
  12. Artists living outside the Twin Cities metropolitan area who receive a MCAD-Jerome Foundation Fellowship must be willing to travel to the Twin Cities for Fellowship events, meetings with visiting critics and other group meetings. Mileage and lodging for trips will be reimbursed.
  13. Artists must be willing to meet with visiting critics during the Fellowship period and accommodate their schedules to the critics' visits. This may include arranging for and transporting your artwork to a location in the Twin Cities for studio visits.
  14. Artists must be willing to participate in a Fellowship exhibition and related activities.
  15. Artists are eligible to receive this Fellowship once every three years; however, if you are a prior recipient that fact will be taken into consideration when your application is reviewed.
  16. Artists who have been awarded a McKnight Visual Artist Fellowship or McKnight Photography Fellowship (for mid-career artists) are not eligible for the Jerome Early Career Artist Fellowship.

Jerome Foundation does NOT support

  1. Students who are or will be at the time of application and during the grant period enrolled in degree-granting programs (including K-12, college, graduate or post graduate studies);
  2. Artists who are engaged in the arts as a hobby or avocational pastime;
  3. Artists who interpret, perform, edit or design the work of others (e.g. singers, dancers, actors, musicians, editors, journalists, designers in sets/lights/costumes/sound, editors, arrangers) but who do not also have a significant history of generating new work in accordance with guidelines;
  4. Managers, administrators, builders or technicians who do not also have a significant history of generating new work in accordance with guidelines;
  5. Artists who do not seek to expand the aesthetic or social boundaries/audience of the form or genre in which they work;
  6. Artists who do not currently live in the state of Minnesota and who did not consider MN their legal residence for the year leading up to the application.

Applying as a Collaborative Team

While the Jerome Foundation Fellowship is traditionally awarded to single artists, we recognize that there are many contemporary artists who work as collaborative teams. If you are applying as a collaborative, make sure each artist involved meets the eligibility requirements. The images you submit should be of work created by the collaborative, not by the artists individually. However, the résumé submitted should be one file including both the collaboration's exhibition history, as well as each artist’s. Please do not use your names, rather, distinguish between the three résumés by using the titles, “Artists A and B,” “Artist A,” and “Artist B.” In your statement, you should address why collaboration is integral to your work. Since the Fellowship is intended to further the existing practice of emerging artists, it should be clear that your collaboration is already an established part of your work.