Fellowship Overview

This program, administered by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), is made possible by the generous support of the Jerome Foundation. The goal of this fellowship program is to significantly advance, artistically and critically, early career visual artists in Minnesota.

Artists considered for this fellowship may work in a variety of visual art media, including both traditional and new media.

The Jerome Foundation has adopted new language and guidelines surrounding the definition of an early career/emerging artist. The new emphasis is on funding artists at a relatively early and still formative stage in hopes of providing them “footing” within their respective fields. To this end, the Jerome Foundation does not support artists who already have a fully developed/mature artistic “voice” in any discipline or those who have already been substantially celebrated within their field, the media, funding circles or the public at large in any discipline, including but not limited to the discipline for which support is requested.

The focus is on career achievement and recognition. This program determines emerging status based on the totality of an artistic career, not on the achievement within a single discipline. A well-established composer, for example, who decides to begin creating sculpture, is not considered an early career/emerging artist and therefore is ineligible to apply to Jerome for support in any program; such an artist would not be considered an emerging visual artist for the purposes of Jerome Foundation eligibility.

The MCAD-administered fellowship program uses an independent jury of three arts professionals to competitively award $10,000 grants to four artists. These fellowships may be used to purchase materials, cover production costs of artwork, and to supplement living or travel costs. Awards are subject to state and federal income tax guidelines. Over the twelve-month fellowship year, the artists will receive three studio visits from professional critics, an exhibition at the MCAD Gallery, a catalog with a critical essay on each artist’s work, and the opportunity to partake in a public panel discussion.

About the Jerome Foundation

The Jerome Foundation, created by artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill (1905–1972), seeks to contribute to a dynamic and evolving culture by supporting the creation, development, and production of new works by emerging artists. The Foundation makes grants to nonprofit arts organizations and artists in Minnesota and New York City.

Nurturing exploration and experimentation by emerging artists diversifies the seeds of creativity and leads to rich experiences. Central to the Foundation's review of each proposal is an assessment of the quality of the artistic work. The Foundation seeks to encourage the potential for excellence.


The Foundation’s core values, which we strive to model in our practice as grantmakers and to support in our grantees, are:

Diversity: We consciously embrace diversity in the broadest sense. We support a diverse range of artists and organizations, including but not limited to those of diverse cultures, races, sexual identities, genders, generations, aesthetics, points of view, physical abilities, and missions. We support a diverse range of artistic disciplines and forms, created in a variety of contexts and for different audiences.

Innovation/Risk: We support artists who and organizations that push the boundaries of their respective disciplines, and we applaud unconventional approaches to solving problems.

Humility: We work for artists (rather than the reverse) and believe that artists and organizations are the best authorities to define their needs and challenges—an essential humility reflective of Jerome Hill, our founder.  The artists we support embrace their roles as part of a larger community of artists and citizens, and consciously work with a sense of purpose, whether aesthetic, social or both.

See more at: www.jeromefdn.org