Please read carefully. Applicants who do not meet all of the following criteria should not apply.

You must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old and a resident of Minnesota, as determined by voting and/or payment of taxes in the state. Applicant must also have a street mailing address within Minnesota to be eligible to apply.
  2. Have continuously lived in the state at minimum the twelve months prior to the application deadline.
  3. Reside in the state until the end of the twelve-month Fellowship period.
  4. Be able to provide evidence of your professional achievements, such as inclusion in regional or national museum and gallery exhibitions and receipt of other awards, grants, and fellowships.
  5. Have at least eight (8) years of professional exhibition experience in group and/or solo shows. Exhibitions undertaken as part of a degree-seeking program at an institution of higher learning will not be considered, i.e. senior or thesis exhibitions, juried student shows, etc.
  6. Demonstrate a sustained level of accomplishment, commitment, and excellence in your work.
  7. Be willing to participate in all aspects of the Fellowship program, including some meetings, studio visits by art critics, and a McKnight Discussion Series.
  8. Create work that falls within a fine arts context. The "visual arts" category is broad in scope and encompasses areas of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, printmaking, mixed media, installation, social practice or participatory art, and multimedia. Multimedia is defined as the combination of a time-based art form (film, video, sound or animation) with another art form (sculpture, painting, drawing, etc.).

You may not:

  1. Submit works in which the primary means of expression is theatre-based performance, film, or video. Other McKnight Artist Fellowships support artists working in these areas.
  2. Be enrolled in a degree-seeking program, either part-time or full-time, at an institution of higher learning.
  3. Have received a McKnight Artist Fellowship in any discipline less than five years ago (here defined as from beginning of previous fellowship year to current application deadline). Anyone who received a fellowship in any discipline in or before 2012 is eligible to apply.
  4. Apply to more than one of the ten $25,000 McKnight Artist Fellowships in a given year. Doing so will disqualify applicants from consideration in any program in that Fellowship year.
  5. Work as fellowship staff at any McKnight Artist Fellowship program.
  6. Work as fellowship staff or be an immediate family member of fellowship staff at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
  7. Work at or be a board member of The McKnight Foundation. In addition, you may not be an immediate family member of foundation arts program staff.

Applying as a Collaborative

While the McKnight Artist Fellowships are traditionally awarded to single artists, we recognize that there are many contemporary artists who work as collaborative teams. If you are applying as a collaborative, make sure each artist involved meets the eligibility requirements. The images you submit should be of work created by the collaborative, not by the artists individually. Please include one résumé for the collaborative, plus one résumé for each of its members, in a single multi-page document. Do not use your names, rather, distinguish between the résumés by using generic titles, such as, “Artists A and B,” “Artist A,” and “Artist B.”